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Mark R Young, MD

Anesthesiologist & Ketamine Infusion Specialist located in Glenwood Springs, CO

About Dr. Young

Mark Young, MD, is a compassionate, board-certified anesthesiologist with 20 years of experience administering ketamine as an anesthetic. He currently treats patients with mood and chronic pain conditions by using ketamine infusion therapy at Apex Ketamine Therapy in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. 
Dr. Young attended Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine in Lubbock, Texas, before completing his residency at Texas Tech University at Lubbock. Dr. Young later relocated to Colorado to complete a fellowship at the University of Colorado in Boulder. After completing a fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesia at The Children's Hospital Denver, he chose to make Glenwood Springs his home. Dr. Young spent 13 years in hospital-based anesthesia practice where he voluntarily served on such various committees as Governance, Medical Care Evaluation, Pharmacy and Therapeutics, and Wellness. He concluded his tenure as the Director of Anesthesia Services.  

Although his anesthesia practice has been focused specifically on the short term goal of safely assisting patients through painful and scary procedures, he has always been mindful of the larger goal of helping other people live with wholeness and meaning. That’s why he’s dedicated his professional work to ketamine infusion therapy, which helps alleviate the symptoms of mood and chronic pain conditions. He’s created a calm, relaxing environment for his patients to feel comfortable in, at the only clinic in the region that’s dedicated solely to ketamine infusion therapy.

On a more personal level, Dr. Young grew up in a fun and loving family and remains close to them today. He credits his parents with instilling the core values of empathy, kindness, and service from birth. He fell in love with the mountains at an early age says living in a small mountain town fulfills one of his earliest childhood dreams. Dr. Young is a Navy veteran, from a family of veterans, and is passionate about helping those who gave more than they planned to in service to our great country. He is an avid supporter of youth athletics and is known to be "loud and proud" in the bleachers. In quieter moments he enjoys cooking, playing guitar, woodworking, and chess. His greatest joy in life is spending time with family and wishes he could do more of it. He is immensely proud of his five children and considers them his best chance at doing something that makes the world a better place. His wife, Paula, is his partner in everything and he counts her as his greatest blessing.